Md Saifur Rahman

Founder & CEO of SERP Thinker

Md Saifur Rahman, a renowned and proficient digital marketing expert in Bangladesh, has an experience of more than 7 years in this field. Md. Saifur is a skilled professional with the vision of growing the businesses of Bangladesh online worth competing in the international market. 

With the dream of helping small to medium eCommerce businesses grow online, Md. Saifur has started his journey in 2016. Now, he has a family of 100+ satisfied clients who have achieved tremendous results using digital marketing!

Besides strategizing for businesses, Md. Saifur trains young professionals in digital marketing. To serve on a larger level, he founded the best Digital Marketing Service in Bangladesh, SERP Thinker, with a bunch of skilled marketers and started working for all sorts of businesses succeeding them online. Md. Saifur Rahman has brought a revolution in the digital marketing scenario in Bangladesh and manifests the boost of local to national businesses with the powerful tools of digital marketing!

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Address: SERP Thinker, Japan House, 4th Floor, (Beside Walton Showroom), Paduar Bazar, Sadar, Cumilla-3500, Bangladesh

md Saifur Rahman founder and CEO of SERP Thinker
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Affordable SEO Services For eCommerce Businesses Like You!

Are you searching for an inexpensive yet efficient SEO and digital marketing in Bangladesh service for your e-commerce website to boost both organic and paid traffic and improve sales? If yes, then you are on the right platform!

SERP Thinker, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh, has a stunning team of digital marketing experts specialized in SEO, high-ticket affiliate marketing, and more. An outstanding fusion of technical and creative heads, we offer SEO services that guarantee results. 

If you want to invest a minimum and secure the maximum SEO benefits, SERP Thinker is your ultimate destination as we assure client satisfaction. Tell us your expectations and we are here to create your dream eCommerce business.

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Facebook Paid Marketing for eCommerce Business

Facebook, being a widely-used social media platform, has become an essential stage for e-commerce business promotion and reaching the target audience. Beneficial for lead generation, Facebook paid marketing introduces the audience to your business website and products/ services as they click the advertisement. 

As a top Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh, our creative heads and social media marketing experts create image, text, and video content for Facebook paid advertisements that impress and influence the viewers to click the ad and enter your page. The team works on creating a brand image and inviting more and more potential customers to your website. 

Our unique ideas and strategies make us the best Facebook Boosting Service in Bangladesh enticing the target audience to click the ad. Trust us in building a strong Facebook presence for your business through paid advertisement! 

Google & YouTube Marketing for eCommerce Business

Thinking of any service or product, people research the most on Google and YouTube, right? This is why your business needs to appear on the result page as one searches for a relevant service to yours. 

Analyzing the frequent changes in trends, algorithms, and conditions to appear on the result page, SERP Thinker ideates strategies that invite organic traffic. A blend of SEO, content marketing, and other methods are utilized in new ways to increase online visibility and lead generation on Google and YouTube. 

Though we mostly focus on boosting organic traffic for long-term benefits, we also promote businesses through paid advertisements for faster and confirmed results. Whichever you prefer, our team is ever-ready to deliver the best Google and YouTube marketing services, helping your business to grow online and rank on the search engine result page. 

Google and Youtube Paid ads Marketing for eCommerce Business
funnel creation and marketing strategies for eCommerce Business

Funnel Creation & Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Business

Funnel creation is a 4-step process that marketers use to create awareness, evoke interest, and ultimately boost sales. Our company has separate teams for each step so that they brainstorm and come up with ideas that are fresh and effective. 

This method involves informing the audience about the business, impressing them to visit and explore the products on the website, influencing them to make a purchase, and continuing to connect with old and potential customers.

As easy as it may sound, funnel marketing strategies are tricky and highly technical in reality. As our experts are experienced and skilled, it’s best to trust them and handle the entire process to provide the output you want. We focus on both short-term and long-term goals of your business, creating a brand value that attracts the audience. 

Why You Should Choose SERP Thinker?

SERP Thinker is one of the best and most credible digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh, assisting e-commerce businesses to achieve their marketing goals online and boost sales. We offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions and we work until you see results!

Our Services are Result-oriented

We strategize each service to ensure that the outcome is visible and benefits your business.

Our team keeps implementing and renewing their plans until you see the results assuring that the service is worthy.

100% Customizable and Flexible

We don’t have a specific model to use for all clients! Our experts listen to you, understand the business requirements, and then form strategies that fit the best. All the services in SERP Thinker are customizable and flexible ensuring the result you desire.

Our Experts are Skilled & Creative

We have a strong team of experts who are dedicated and passionate. Our creative and IT experts collaborate to create outstanding and efficient strategies. This means the quality and standard of our services are never compromised as experts handle them.

Offer 360-degree Digital Marketing

From SEO to email marketing, SERP Thinker gets you covered. We offer a complete digital marketing solution for your online e-commerce business growth handling it all by ourselves. With us, you are free from the burden of marketing as we manage it all to enhance your business online.

Ready To The Next Level of Your Business?

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SERP Thinker

SERP Thinker is one of the most trusted, affordable, and best digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh, serving clients for more than 5 years and acing the realm of digital marketing!

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