Google and YouTube Ads Agency in Bangladesh

Did you know that Google Ads reach around 80% of the audience online and YouTube half the global social platform users? That’s why you shouldn’t miss out on advertising on these platforms. While hiring ad services can be expensive, SERP Thinker makes it affordable for small and mid-scale businesses ensuring a maximum ROI. 


We design data-driven impressive ad campaigns to run on Google and YouTube and reach the target audience, eventually converting the viewers into potential customers. With a team of experienced experts, we curate strategies that don’t fail. That makes us the best Google and YouTube ads agency in Bangladesh! Trust our process and see your business flourish in no time. 

Super Detailed Audience Targeting Ads Campaign

An excellent feature of Ads Manager is to target the specific audience group whom you want to reach. For each advertisement, we input the exact details of the target audience such as the location, gender, age group, occupation, or the buying interests and behaviors of the audience. Such particulars ensure that the ad campaigns connect to the people interested in your service. 


Our team of professionals sincerely selects the target audience to boost the success rate of the campaigns and ensure that your investment isn’t wasted. This tactic shows fast and effective outcomes increasing your sales with time.

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Tracking with Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4

Both Google Analytics and Tag Manager are crucial to track and monitor your website’s performance. Google Analytics uses tags embedded in websites to track the activities of the viewers while Tag Manager sends the data to Google Analytics. When both function simultaneously, we get a detailed and accurate report of the clicks, views, conversions, retargeting reach, and other factors. 


We analyze the data and stats received through Google Analytics and scrutinize every detail to come up with a better strategy to improve the results. This application is also used to do market research and understand the trend. Tracking makes our campaigns more effective and fruitful as we work as per the data we get. 

Retargeting with Google and YouTube Ads

Retargeting the audience who have shown interest in similar services like yours is a great strategy to influence the audience’s buying decision. Our experts fetch audiences from multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and retarget them on Google and YouTube ads. We add tracking codes to your landing page and website to ensure that the viewers are retargeted on youtube and Google. 


On Google, we input a list of potential customers who have already visited your website or landing pages and retarget them through Google ads. Remarketing to the potential buyer through various platforms emphasizes the visibility of your service and converts them to consumers. 

  • Sets goals and KPIs.
  • Define Customer Personas.
  • Analyzes direct and indirect competitors.
  • Create a keyword strategy by identifying your personas’ problems or challenges.
  • Defines keywords to optimize your platform’s landing pages.
  • Creates a comparative keyword strategy.
  • Helps you create better content than your competitors.
  • Optimizes technical and on-page SEO.
  • Promote your content to earn backlinks.

Run Google Search Ads Campaign

Google search ads campaign is a keyword-based strategy where your advertisements are displayed when one searches a specific keyword on Google. A very useful strategy indeed, we choose the relevant keywords for your business that viewers search the most, This way, users find your website easily on the search engine result page as they browse the keyword. 


Our experts deploy multiple tactics along with appropriate keywords to make your ad rank high on Google. As your ads start to appear to the audience, they eventually get more clicks and views which would end up increasing your conversion rate and sales. In addition, this also creates brand value and boosts popularity which benefits your business in the long run.

SERP Thinker Basic

2990 Monthly
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • SASS Ads Run (up to 5)
  • Audience Set up
  • Trying to find out the winning audience
  • Per Dollar rate 132.00 taka only
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Video Editing for Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Design for marketing
  • Retargeting with Facebook Video Ads
  • Funneling for long time sustainable business
  • Building a Facebook Group/Community

SERP Thinker Growth

6990 Monthly
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • SASS Ads Run (up to 15)
  • Audience set up
  • Trying to find out the winning audience
  • Per Dollar rate 132.00 taka only
  • Competitor Analysis
  • 4 Video Editing for Facebook Ads
  • 4 Graphic Design for marketing
  • 4 Sales Copy Writing for better result
  • Retargeting with Facebook Video Ads
  • Funneling for long time sustainable business
  • Building a Facebook Group/Community

SERP Thinker Advance

19990 Monthly
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • SASS Ads Run (unlimited)
  • Audience set up
  • Finding out a few winning audience
  • Per Dollar rate 132.00 taka only
  • Competitor Analysis and making a proper marketing plan for better sales
  • 10 Video Editing for Facebook ads, Facebook Reels
  • 10 Graphic Design for Marketing
  • 10 Sales Copy writing for better results
  • Retargeting your audience for better results
  • Funneling for long time sustainable business
  • Building a Facebook Group/Community

SERP Thinker Basic

It’s a custom package. We’ll do whatever it takes to scale your business. Make a schedule for a meeting to discuss the whole matter.
XXXXX Monthly
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Sass Ads Run (up to 5)
  • Audience Set up
  • Trying to find out the winning audience
  • Per Dollar rate 132.00 taka only
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Video Editing for Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Design for marketing
  • Retargeting with Facebook Video Ads
  • Funneling for long time sustainable business
  • Building a Facebook Group/Community

Create Google Dynamic Search Campaign

A very powerful yet tricky strategy, the Google dynamic search campaign enables your website to appear based on the website content. However, the website can only hold a place if the website is well-built and unique. We focus on building striking ads for your business as well as improving the overall performance of the website to ensure more traffic to your page. 

Creating a Google dynamic search campaign is a multi-level process and we have expertise in it. Once we crack the procedure and deploy the campaigns, all you will experience is the gradual success of your website and a boost in sales. 

Display Google Ads Campaign

Display ads simply focus on engaging the audience with your service and brand via various catchy and fascinating text, videos, and visuals. The target is to stick to the mind of the audience and leave an impact. We create various forms of display ads for Google that may thrill diverse categories of audiences. While some are made for remarketing, some ads are more focused on promoting a service to a target audience. 


We explore versatile display ad campaigns to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity to impress your audience. The team aims to make an impression and improve the reach and visibility of the ads on Google. This ultimately promotes each service as well as upgrades the brand value. 

YouTube Video Ads Campaign

Who doesn’t know about the popularity of YouTube video ad campaigns in this era? To take over the market, it is essential to run video ad campaigns on YouTube. We have skilled video editors who can prepare videos to display your service and company flawlessly. Then we run these videos on YouTube through various channels to ensure that we reach the maximum audience. 

As it involves various technicalities and creative knowledge, our team collaborates to create the best version of video ad campaigns that can succeed on YouTube expanding your reach and shooting up the conversion rate. 

Opportunity to Show Ads on Popular Website & Apps

How about reaching your audience through third-party websites and applications like IMO or other popular platforms that allow advertising via Google AdSense. This helps you target the audience from multiple platforms increasing the probability of sales. 


We know tricks and ways of embedding intriguing display ads in third-party websites and applications. Not only does it improve your online visibility but shoots up the chances of converting viewers to customers. Grab this opportunity now with SERP Thinker as we know exactly how to do it!

Why Choose Us?

Our clients have seen the result of our ad campaigns and relied on us! With a strong team of digital marketing professionals, we deliver each service with proficiency and guarantee results. We take pride in helping small businesses grow online at a reasonable price. 

We are transparent with our clients and execute each step as per their requirements. Trust our process and see the outcome itself speaking of our expertise in the field of online advertising. 

Our Working Process

Our working process is meticulous, ensuring a detailed planning and execution of the campaign. Have a look at our working method to understand the system better. 

Account Optimization

First, we create an account for your company where you can track all the activities we are planning and deploying for the ad campaign to maintain transparency.

Goal Setup & Conversion API

Goal setup and conversion API refers to setting an objective for your advertisement on Google. Be it for awareness or service promotion, we set a default goal for the ads.

Tracking with Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4

Now comes the time to analyze the market, understand the buying pattern, and come up with concrete data that helps us study the market.

Competitor Analysis

To compete, it is important to monitor the strategies of the competitors. We study their campaigns and tactics to succeed to make a plan that helps your company perform better.

Keyword Research

We have various applications and tricks to fetch the best keywords that suit your business. We thoroughly execute keyword research at this level and make a list of the best-performing keywords.

Ad Copywriting

Here comes the part of putting catchy and meaningful texts that represent your business and service. Our copywriters brainstorm to write multiple ad copies from which we select the best one.

Landing Page Optimization

As the landing page creates the first impression, we optimize the landing page to ensure that you drive your audience towards your services and products. Our technical and creative experts collaborate for this step.

Set up the campaign

Once the ads are ready, we now plan the entire campaign and the platforms where we will advertise. According to the plan, we carefully post the ads.


In the end, we track the results of the campaigns and prepare reports. As per the reports, we rebuild and modify the strategies only if required.

FAQs about Google & YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising cost in Bangladesh

YouTube advertising cost in Bangladesh varies as per the inclusions in the service. It may vary from 1500 taka to as much as 5000-10,000 taka. If you only want a display ad, that cost is minimal. However, this would cost more if you require video editing, optimization, and analytics services. Besides, the price can differ as per your business type.

Do you use server-side tracking?

Yes, we use both server-side and client-side tracking as per your recommendation. However, we suggest opting for server-side tracking as this is more secure and makes tracking centralized to the website owner. 

Do you offer any free consultations?

SERP Thinker offers free consultation to all clients so that you can openly discuss your problems and plans with us. We scrutinize your requirements and suggest our services that can be useful. Once you agree, we proceed further as you purchase our services. 

Can you create video ads for my YouTube campaign?

We do the post-production of videos like video editing, making graphics, or adding background music and text. However, we don’t shoot videos. We can assist and guide you through the process if you want graphics or animation videos. 

Can I advertise on specific YouTube channels relevant to my business?

Yes, indeed you can advertise on specific YouTube channels that are related to your business. However, the process can be costly and lengthy.