Video Editing Service In Bangladesh for Digital Marketing

Promoting your business or products for better sell and engage the customer, publishing a quality video isn’t just a passion, it’s a necessity. What you can’t convey to your potential customers in writing, you can easily engage them with a few seconds of video.

As everything goes faster with the assistance of technology, you need to take a unique approach and make a unique video to attract potential customers to your products. This is why we, SERP Thinker video editing company in Bangladesh, are here to help edit videos from e-commerce, fCommerce, and more. 

We offer online video editing services in BD to boost your business from entry-level, help grow potential customers, and create brand worth, and trustworthiness.

Introduce To Our Video Editing Service

We are here to help you edit multiple types of videos. We offer video editing services in BD for E-commerce, f-commerce, local businesses at affordable prices. In addition, our editors are good at editing videos like Facebook, or Instagram reels, YouTube shoots videos, Facebook advertisement videos, YouTube videos, promotional videos, etc.

Also, we write scripts and shoot videos for you if you want (additional costs applicable here). For your convenience, we offer 3 packages including Basic, Growth, and Advance. You can pick one of them.

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Consultation for Better Video Creation Before Video Shoot

Creating or shooting a quality video isn’t a sitting duck. Any mistake can lead to great loss. It can water your valuable time and effort, sometimes money. You should have proper knowledge about it before starting video shooting. In this case, consultation is a crucial part.

Fortunately, SERP Thinker video editing team and script writers are ready to help you with this hassle task and make it smooth. So if you are new or need some advanced suggestions before shooting your video, never forget to consult with our experts.

Our Working Process

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Video Script Writing

Before making perfect and fascinating videos, a proper script is key. This is why SERP Thinker video editing service BD write a script according to the theme and research before making an audience-interested video.

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Video Shoot

Once the script is written, it’s time to shoot the video. Before shooting a video gathering required equipment and proper planning is key and ensuring there is proper lighting and a calm environment.

Frame 35

Send us the Raw Video Footage

After shooting the video, send us the raw footage. We’ll check the video and start working on the weak areas.

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Professional Video Editing

When checking is completed, it’s time to start editing. Our professional video editors edit the whole video according to your requirements and the demands of the audience by using effects and premium tools.

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Once everything is done, we’ll revise the whole work to check if there are any mistakes. If we find any mistakes or imperfections, we’ll deliberately polish and edit again.

Video Editing Service for eCommerce/f-Commerce Business

If you have an e-commerce or f-commerce business and struggle to make sales or engage customers, publishing a quality video can make things different. Also, if you’re looking for the best online video editing services in BD, we are ready to assist. We have a team accumulating with expert video editors in Bangladesh.

For you, it’s all about engaging the customers and making potential sales and brand growth. For us, it’s all about editing your video that makes all the difference.

Ready To Accelerate Your SaaS Business Growth?

Looking to hyper-scale your customer base and connect with potential prospects online? Consult with our
SaaS SEO expert and build a winning SaaS SEO strategy for your business.

SERP Thinker Basic

3590 Monthly
  • Free Consultation by Expert Video Editor
  • 3 Video Editing
  • Basic Color Gradient
  • Additional Sound Effect
  • Basic Noise Cancellation
  • Basic Animation
  • Stock Images & Video Footages
  • Per Video Length (less than 5 Minutes)
  • 3 Revisions
  • Deadline 5 Days

SERP Thinker Growth

7990 Monthly
  • Free Consultation by Expert Video Editor
  • 8 Video Editing
  • Advance Color Gradient
  • Additional Sound Effect
  • Advance Noise Cancellation
  • Basic Animation
  • Green Screen Studio Set up for Video Shoot
  • Stock Images & Video Footages
  • Per Video Length (less than 10 to 15 Minutes)
  • 5 Revisions
  • Competitor Analysis and then Script Writing
  • Deadline 7 Days

SERP Thinker Advance

19990 Monthly
  • Free Consultation by Expert Video Editor
  • 20 Video Editing
  • Advance Color Gradient
  • Additional Sound Effect
  • Advance Noise Cancellation
  • Basic Animation
  • Green Screen Studio Set up for Video Shoot
  • Stock Images & Video Footages
  • Per Video Length (less than 10 to 15 Minutes)
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Competitor Analysis and then Script Writing
  • Deadline 10 Days

SERP Thinker Basic

It’s a custom package. We’ll do whatever it takes to scale your business. Make a schedule for a meeting to discuss the whole matter.
XXXXX Monthly
  • Free Digital Marketing Consultancy
  • Video Editing Service Ads Run (up to 5)
  • Audience Set up
  • Trying to find out the winning audience
  • Per Dollar rate 132.00 taka only
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Video Editing for Facebook Ads
  • Graphic Design for marketing
  • Retargeting with Facebook Video Ads
  • Funneling for long time sustainable business
  • Building a Facebook Group/Community

Video Editing Service for Local Business

Do you have a local (small) business and want to make it worth it by using video content? Serp Thinker’s specialised team can make your dream come true without breaking the bank. We know you are just starting.

This is why we have a package for you to grow your business by convincing potential customers through enthralling videos. The video editing task will likely handle our best video editors in Bangladesh. We provide fast, effective, and cost-effective services as per requirements.

Facebook/Instagram Reels, YouTube Shoots Video Editing Service

It’s a nightmare to earn a large amount of revenue by publishing a raw video without polishing and editing. To make your video more captivating and viewer-friendly, it should be well-edited and polished. If you continually publish videos on Facebook or Instagram as a reel or YouTube shoots videos and looking for expert editors, we are here to help.


We provide video editing services for Facebook or Instagram reels to get lots of views. So if you want to make healthy revenue from Facebook and Instagram reels or YouTube shoots videos, contact us today.

Facebook Advertisement Video Editing Service

Video advertising is a new way to reach prospective customers for your brand, services, or products. Without quality and well-edited videos for Facebook ads, the audience won’t click the ads, let alone buy your products.

However, if you want to grow your business by advertisement on Facebook, leave the editing hassle to us. We’ll do the rest for you. We edit the videos according to the user’s interests and demographics. Our specialised video editors have years of experience with that.

YouTube Video Editing Service

Surviving and earning money in this competitive world by publishing videos on YouTube is not that effortless without the perfect videos. Hence, an improved and perfectly edited video is required that viewers will love. Our video editor experts are ready to take the challenge to turn your low-class videos into high-class.

By improving the visual appeal, improving pacing, and adding video-wise effects, we can make an ordinary video more interesting. So if you want to make a healthy career as a YouTuber, get connected with us today!

Promotional Video Editing Service

Do you have a specific marketing initiative, sale, or event and want to boost it perfectly through a video? Don’t hesitate as we, SERP Thinker video editing company in BD, exist.

We can make a promo video that attracts the potential audience’s attention to learn about your services more. Our specialized team members will gather their experience and creativity to enhance your marketing appearance. Making impactful, charming stories that are tailored to your identity is our goal.

Video Shooting Environment/Studio Setup

Shooting an aesthetic and surprising video, it’s essential to ensure a perfect studio setup or shooting environment. You’ll be happy to hear that we have this facility too. We have a setup for making any type of video. Location shoots may provide you with less satisfying videos than complete studio shooting.

So why late? If you need assistance with anything related to video editing or video creation environments, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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